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Wildlife Rescue Association

Comfort Care Bundle

Comfort Care Bundle

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Social birds like swans and geese who are found in large flocks in the wild, are not used to being alone. With this gift, you will supply enrichment that makes them feel more comfortable in care.

Did You Know?
Wildlife Rescue offers patients enrichment (“tools” and “toys”) during their time in care. 
When animals are stressed it can compromise their healing process, thus providing them
with enrichment items can help to reduce any stress, provide mental stimulation, and
encourage natural life skills.

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  • Symbolic Gift

    Your symbolic gift will provide life-saving care and vital resources for our work. No physical products are shipped with this purchase. You can download a stunning tribute card to print or email and let your loved one or honoree know that you have made a thoughtful gift in their honor. Choose a design here.

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    This symbolic gift is eligible for a charitable tax receipt. We will send your receipt to the email address provided on checkout. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing.